A certificate of death must in every case be supplied by the medical attendant on the decease of a patient. It is at his discretion to take or not, the responsibility of granting such certificate. If, because he is not satisfied that the deceased met his death by natural means, or if he feels that for other reason he should withhold the certificate, a coroner’s inquest will be necessary. If a person is found dead, either by foul means or by cause unknown, a coroner must be notified.

If the coroner deems it necessary, he may direct a qualified medical man to make a post-mortem examination of the corpse, and, if satisfied by the medical report that an inquest is not necessary, the coroner will grant a certificate.

He may not, however, dispense with an inquest, if he has any reason to suspect that the deceased has died either by violence, an unnatural death, or, being a prisoner, has died in prison. DEATH REGISTRATION.

See Birth and Death Registration.

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