B.C. 1200. Period of Trojan War. 698. Jerusalem taken by Nebuchadnezzar. 554. Cyrus conquers Lydia. 538. Cyrus conquers Babylon. 529. Death of Cyrus. 490. Greeks victorious at Marathon. 480. Battle of Thermopylae. 464. Revolt of the Helots in Sparta. 399. Death of Socrates. . 356. Alexander the Great born. 323. Death of Alexander. 264. P’irst Punic war began. 100. Julius Caesar born. 63. Jerusalem taken. 55. Caesar invades Britain. A.D. 33. The Crucifixion. 47. Loudon founded by

Romans. 70. Jerusalem taken by Titus. 79. Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. 325. Council of Nice. 451. Attila invaded Gaul. 735. Death of Venerable Bede. 1066. Norman Conquest; Battle of Hastings, Oct. 14th. 1138. Battle of Northallerton, August 22nd. 1170. Murder of Thomas a Becket. 1191. Siege of Acre. 1265. First British Commons met. 1314. Battle of Bannockburn, June 24th. 1346. Battle of Crecy. 1415. Battle of Agincourt, Oct. 25th. 1431. Joan of are burnt. 1460. Battle of Northampton, July 10th. 1476. Caxton began printing at

Westminster. 1485. Battle of Bosworth Field. 1492. Columbus sailed on his first expedition.

A.D. 1512. Battle of Ravenna, Apr .11. 1513. Battle of Flodden Field,

September 9th. 1534. Act of Supremacy passed and the Papal power in England abolished. 1542. Battle of Solway Moss, November 25th. 1556. Latimer, Ridley and Cran-mer burnt at stake. 1564. Shakespeare born. 1567. Murder of Darnley. 1572. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. 1588. Spanish Armada defeated. 1507. Siege of Amiens. 1605. Gunpowder Plot. 1616. Death of Shakespeare. 1641. Execution of Straflord. 1642. Civil War began: battle of Edgehill. 1643. Battle of Atherton Moor,

June 30th. 1645. Battle of Naseby, June 14. 1649. Execution of Charles I. 1650. Battle of Dunbar, Sept. 3rd. 1660. The Restoration. 1665. Great Plague of London. 1666. Great Fire of London. 1667. Dutch tieet in the Thames. 1679. Battle of Bothwell Brig, June 22nd. 1685. Battle of Sedgemoor; Monmouth defeated, July 6th. 16S9. Battle of Killiecrankie, July 27th. 1692. Massacre of Glencoe. 1704. Battle of Blenheim, Aug. 2nd. 1715. Jacobite Rebellion. 1745. Battle of Clifton Moor, December 18th. 1745. Battle of Fontenoy, April 30th. 1746. Battle of Falkirk, January 17th. 1756. Seige of Dresden. 1757. Battle of Plassey; dive victorious. June 23rd. 1775. American War of Independence. 1781. Battle of Dogger Bank, August 5th. 1789. Mutiny of the ‘ Bounty.’ 1793. Siege of Dantzic. 1792. French Revolution: Reign of Terror. 1797. Battle of Camperdown, October 11th.

A.D. 1805. Battles of Trafalgar, Oct. 21st, and Austerlitz,

Dec. 21st. 1807. Siege of Breslau. 1809. Battle of Corunna; death of Sir John Moore, Jan. 18th. 1811. Siege of Badajoz. 1S12. Napoleon retreated from Moscow, 1813. Battle of Dresden, August 26th. 1815. Battle of Waterloo, June

Isth. 1822. Alexandria bombarded,

July Ilth. 1840. Penny postage instituted by Sir Rowland Hill. 1854. War in the Crimea. Battle of Alma, Seot. 20th;

Balaklava, Oct. 25th. 1857. Indian Mutiny. Battles of Cawnpore, July 12th, Dec. 6th. Siege of Lucknow. 1861. American Civil War. 1866. Battle of Soor, June 28th. 1870. Franco-German War. 1871. Battle of St. Ouentin,

January 19th. 1S99. The Boer War. Battle of

Glencoe, Oct. 20th ; Siege ol Kimberley; Siege of

Ladysmith. 1900. Mafcking relieved. 1904. Russo-Japanese War. 1904. Sieue of Port Arthur. 1914 to 1918. The Great War.

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