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You can treat most cuts and grazes at home quite safely, but always wash your hands first, if possible. Clean the cut by holding it under running water, or by gently wiping it with an antiseptic wipe or cotton wool soaked in warm water. It’s best to use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each wipe. Some small cuts will still bleed quite profusely at first, so if this is happening after a few minutes, you’ll need to apply pressure to stem the flow. Press a pad, a clean tissue for example, firmly over the cut for a few minutes.

If you like to use plasters and antiseptic ointments on cuts and grazes, fine – it will do no harm. Personally, I prefer not to use ointments and I use plasters mainly to keep dirt out of the wound. When that isn’t necessary or the injury is small, it will heal up nicely if left alone.

If a cut is very large or deep, if it has rugged or gaping edges, if something is embedded in it or if it is a deep cut with only a small opening in the skin (this might happen if the culprit is a rusty nail, for example) always seek medical help.

What’s Available?

Acriflex Burn Aid Cream, Dettol, Drapolene Cream, Lanacane, Medicaid, Savlon, Savlon Dry, Solarcaine, Sudocrem, Witch Doctor



Herbal Remedies

Dr Valnet’s Tegarome, Nelsons Calen-dula Cream (to soothe abrasions), Hypercal Cream, Soot-hene Ointment

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