cross pollination of fruit trees
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Cross Pollination of Fruit Trees

Certain varieties of apples, pears, plums and cherries must be pollinated with another variety of the same fruit to obtain a crop.

Apples. The varieties Bramley’s Seedling, Rev. W. Wilks, Stirling Castle and St. Evergrd are the only self-fertile ones. All other varieties need pollen from another tree, Beauty of Bath, Blenheim Orange and Cox’s Orange Pippin being completely self-sterile.

cross pollination of fruit treesPears. The varieties Conference, Dr. Jules Guyot, Durondeau, Marie Louise and Williams’s Bon Chretien are self-fertile. All other varieties need pollen from another tree, Catillac, Doyenne du Cornice, Fertility and Winter Nelis being self-sterile. As the flowering period of many varieties does not coincide, for pollination those that blossom at the same time must be grown. This information can be obtained from the nurseryman.

Plums. Self-fertile plums are Czar, Denniston’s Superb, Early Transparent Gage, Farleigh Damson, Golden Transparent, Pershore, Purple Pershore, Reine Claude de Bavay (greengage) and yictoria. All other varieties require cross-pollination and again it is important to grow varieties blooming at the same time.

Cherries. All sour cherries are self-fertile and sweet cherries are .self-sterile. Any variety, however, will not necessarily pollinate another and when making a choice consult your fruitgrower.

Peaches. All are self-fertile, but it is advisable to pollinate the flowers by hand using a rabbit’s tail on a stick, especially under glass where they bloom before many bees are flying.

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