Creative Activity

Learning through doing is the slogan of the modern school which talks of creative activity. Instead of being passively instructed in knowledge, children take part in various activities in the course of which the desire for knowledge of all sorts – through reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography, etc arises, and that knowledge is then imparted or acquired.

Often these activities are grouped round a central theme of interest, e.g. milk. Young children set out to find out all about milk; they draw cows, model or construct dairies, play at farms, study grasses, buy and sell milk, learn what it is made of, etc., and so pick up, as it were as they go along, reading, writing, arith-metic, science, etc.

This method is called the Project Plan, and is exceedingly popular in some parts of America. It needs, however, very highly developed organizing power in the teachers, or the childrens activity becomes merely aimless or is dissipated over too wide a range of activities.