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Cramp is a common problem which can be extremely painful. It is a sudden, violent contraction of a muscle which makes the muscle become hard and tense. It’s usually caused by exercise, especially unaccustomed exercise, or a prolonged period of sitting, lying or standing in an awkward position. Some people wake at night with cramp in their feet or legs. Attacks usually occur in bouts which last from a few days to a number of weeks, and there are often several weeks between each series of attacks.

No one really knows what causes cramp. It may occasionally be the result of a poor blood supply due to the furring up of the arteries – this is especially likely with elderly sufferers. But in the majority of cases, it’s worth trying all the cramp remedies, in the hope that one of them will do the trick. It is not possible to be more specific about a ‘cure’ when no one knows the cause of the problem.

With the most common sort of cramp, in the calf muscles, try this. Stand facing a wall and at arm’s length from it. Place the flat of your hands against the wall and gently bend forward from the ankles so that your calves are gently but comfortably stretched. Do this standing ‘press-up’ six times on three separate occasions throughout the day and continue it for ten days. If it works, keep doing it six times once a day to keep the cramp at bay. If it doesn’t work, stop after ten days. This will stop me from worrying that you are continuing forever, wearing out the wallpaper to no good effect!

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