Chronic bronchitis is defined by having a minimum of three months’ continual green, or at least infected, production from the lungs via a cough. As we age, our cough may not be strong enough to remove the infection and physiotherapy may be required to help bring up the product. Chronic bronchitis is more frequent in smokers and people who have spent their lives in polluted areas. It is caused by infection setting in when the little hairs that usually remove bacteria from the lungs have been destroyed over the years.


See Bronchitis.

Place yourself under the care of a medically qualified complementary practitioner.

Inhalations of lavender essential oil can be very relieving. Eucalyptus oil and Olbas oils can be used but should not be used in conjunction with homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies are essential. They need to be chosen depending on your constitution and symptoms.

Beta-carotene , zinc and vitamin C can be taken but discuss higher doses with your complementary practitioner.

Regular visits to a physiotherapist will help to clear the chest through the technique of chest-clapping.

Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan practitioners have a selection of herbs that can ease breathing problems and they will use chest-cupping .

If there are good and bad days, note your diet accurately for two weeks to see if you have any obvious mucus-producing foods in your diet. If you see any obvious associations, avoid these foods.