A LOOSE comb in a hand-bag is not only a nuisance but looks untidy.

Cut four thicknesses of material, two for the outside, and two for the lining, so that when turnings have been taken it will just be big enough to hold your comb. This must not be too big or the comb will slip out too easily and the case be of little use.

Machine, on the wrong side, the three straight edges, then turn the case inside out and machine round them again. To hide this edge bind with corded ribbon or thin braid, or, if preferred, it may be worked in blanket stitch. For the top, turn the fining and outer covering towards each other and sew them together with blanket stitch.

This case can be in practically any material, but for an evening bag it will look most attractive made in brocade or moire ribbon.

It looks rather more complicated, but is quite easy to make. This case should have a lining. Cover the outer edges all round with braid or ribbon, and fasten with a press-stud.

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