Colour in the Dining-room

SHADES of brown and orange are much – favoured for the modern dining-room, with its weathered-oak furniture. Presuming the floor is of oak or parquet, the carpet can be of tones of autumn. If a plain carpet is to be used, either brown or green is pleasing. Lighting should be in shades of orange to tone, and with flowers should give the only colour with the exception of the chair seats and the wall-paper. Fruit is a decoration in itself, and looks attractive on the sideboard.

The low sideboard should be very simple of line, yet with ample accommodation for necessary things. The modern piece has no high back, and it is usual for a frame-less mirror to hang above the centre. Dining-tables can be bought in so many different shapes that it is impossible to cite any one in particular. If there is a small family it is better to have a small table which allows for extension.

The chairs, with their low backs, usually have brightly coloured seats, either in leather or damask. The colour chosen depends on the colour of the carpet and walls. Two arm-chairs should be placed by the fire-place and should be comfortable, not merely hard seats with arms attached. The central light over the table should be low. Subdued fighting may also be used. Curtains must be bright and in harmony with the room.

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