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Colic in babies is caused by bubbles of gas or air which become trapped in the immature digestive system. The consequent pain makes the baby cry, often inconsolably, and draw his or her legs up in pain. Problems with colic often appear when the baby is about three weeks old. They can be “very wearing for the parents as well as the child, but don’t despair, they usually stop of their own accord at about three months.

There are ways you can help soothe your colicky baby.

Rocking or cuddling should help, and a car journey or pram ride will often send the baby off to sleep. Giving the age-old ‘but new-formulated remedy, gripe water, has soothed 1 many a baby’s mother and sometimes the baby too! There are new gripe mixtures available which are alcohol-and preservative-free. Gripe water can relieve the colicky pains, wind and troublesome hiccups. But always ask your health visitor or doctor for advice the first time your baby screams inconsolably.

What’s Available?

Dentinox Infant Colic Drops, Fennings Gripe Mixture, Nurse Harvey’s Gripe Mixture




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