Cinder-sifter, A Covered-in.

Sifting cinders in the open is unpleasant and dusty work. Dustiness can be prevented by the expenditure of a little money and time.

A I-inch mesh circular sieve, a few inches smaller in diameter than the ash-can, should be obtained; also a couple of yards of -inch iron wire. Two holes, large enough for the wire to pass through and 3 inches apart, are bored through the side of the sieve near the rim, at each end of a diameter. The wire is bent to form a parallel loop 3 inches across, and its ends passed through the holes, the end of the loop being allowed to project 8 inches or so to serve as handle.

The raw ends are turned over to form hooks an inch long and cut off: after which the wires are bent apart horizontally inside the sieve to prevent them moving.

To use, the sieve is laid in the ash-can with the hooks over the farther side, and filled with ashes. The cover having been replaced, the handle is shaken vigorously from side to side. The crack between cover and can, caused by the intervention of the handle, will not be large enough to allow an appreciable quantity of dust to escape.

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