Choosing the swim

In a flowing river the fish are seldom evenly distributed and it is worthwhile spending some time looking around to find the most likely spots. The ability to determine the best fish-holding areas is something which increases with experience. Weather conditions, water con-,-I ditions, and seasonal movements of fish all have to be taken into account when choosing where to fish. The beginner is unlikely to be bothered about selectively fishing for a specific species of fish but with experience it is quite possible to choose areas of river is more favourable to one species.

Take note of any bankside features which affect the flow of the river such as overhanging willow bushes, gravel spits or stakes reinforcing banks. In a spate river, the river bed can alter suddenly from sand or fine gravel to large rocks. The time of day also plays a very important part in fish location. During the summer months species such as chub and barbel will often venture into shallow water towards evening when the light begins to dim. Fishing is such an unpredictable sport that it is im-possible to give any exact information as to where fish will be found. The ability to ‘read the water’ and seek out the best fishing can only come with experience.

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