Choice of Pictures

Tables are always needed. A nest of tables is almost indispensable, and small, low tables with book-shelves below mako a stand for a tea-tray or anything heavy. Of course the modern lounge must have a piano, wireless, and gramophone. Frame-less mirrors are used to give the appearance of space, but pictures on the walls are few. A few choico water colours, with thin black frames and wide mounts are pre-eminently suitable.

Lighting should be adequate but subdued. For general use lights over the fire-place and wall lights are pleasing, but for reading table standards are the most satisfactory. A central light should not be omitted.

Ornaments, like the pictures, should be few and choice. No room is furnished without a clock, but with modern furnishing this should be plain. Flowers give added brightness and colour. A plentiful supply of ash-trays is not a costly item.

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