Mumps is a viral infection that affects glands throughout the body but predominantly the salivary glands under the jaw and the parotid gland in front of the ear. It is an infectious disease spread by coughs, sneezes and by physical contact; it is more common in hot weather and is sometimes associated with a fever. Lifelong immunity is usually conferred after an attack. In a healthy individual mumps is a short-lived problem, usually lasting about ten days, through which time the individual is infectious. Unfortunately, mumps takes two to four weeks to develop and the child has probably been spreading the infection throughout this period.

Rarely do complications occur but the older the individual, the more likely the possibility of infection of the testes, brain or pancreas, which can lead to very serious conditions.

Vaccination is routine and encouraged by the orthodox world, but consideration for vaccinations in general should be made before these are given .


See Fever.

The homeopathic remedies Belladonna, Aconite, Mercurius, Hepar sulphuris calcarium and Phytolacca should all be considered via your preferred homeopathic manual. Potency 6 should be taken every 2hr through the acute phase.

If an individual has been exposed to mumps, protection may be afforded by taking the homeopathic remedy Parotidinum 30, twice a day for two weeks.

Avoid flavoursome food that encourages salivation and thus increases pain.

A multivitamin – vitamin C and Beta-carotene -should be given at three times the RDA for the age or size of the individual.