Not an uncommon problem in children and this can occur at any age. The principal causes are the laying of eggs by parasitic infestations, usually worms (threadworms, roundworms or tapeworms). Candida (thrush) infection, especially for infants still in nappies, trauma, eczema or piles (haemorrhoids – very unusual in children) may all be responsible.

One commonly overlooked possibility is that of food allergies.


Examine the anus first thing in the morning because eggs are laid at night. See Worms.

The homeopathic remedy Aesculus 6 may be taken four times a day.

Hamamelis fluid extract diluted in iced water and applied to the rectum may be very soothing.

Calendula cream may be of benefit but only applied for a few minutes each day.

Keep the area dry with non-medicated talcum powder.