This non-medical term has crept into use because of its accuracy in describing the symptoms. Pains are constantly felt by children as their muscles and ligaments stretch in response to the growth of their bones. Growing pains may also be related directly to muscular cramps and some adjustment of dietetics, hydration and supplementation generally deals with the problem.

Pain may be located and persistent at the part of the bone that actually grows. This is usually at either end of the bones. It is rare for these pains to be indicative of anything serious, although severe or persistent pain should be reviewed.

Children who grow too rapidly are prone to growing pains and a markedly rapid growth may indicate underlying hormonal dysfunction that will need to be reviewed by a physician or paediatrician.


Massage, heat or ice (depending on which soothes) and the application of Arnica cream should be relieving.

Increase the calcium and magnesium intake through sesame seeds, nuts, vegetables, fish and chicken, or supplement with a suitable calcium/magnesium compound supplying the recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Depending on the symptoms and their site, a homeopathic remedy should be chosen from your preferred manual or via a homeopath. • Persistent discomfort should be reviewed by an osteopath and brought to the attention of a doctor only if osteopathic care and advice does not help.