With the advent of computers reaching every child, either in the home or at school, we must be wary of problems that may be associated with them and are, as yet, not well documented.

Like televisions, computers emit a radiation that may be harmful. The intensity of the emotions and the time spent at the computer are known to induce problems with eyesight, headaches and psychological symptoms such as depression, lack of concentration and insomnia.

The radiation from computers is emitted from all around the machine, not just the screen. The use of a protective shield may be beneficial to the user but of no consequence to those sitting close by.


Ensure that the position of the screen is suitably set in relation to the chair in which you sit, to avoid structural and postural problems.

Ensure that natural light hits the eyes by placing the computer with its back toward the windows.

Use a screen that cuts down the computer’s emissions.

Try to use the computer only in short bursts of up to half an hour, with at least a 10-15min break before returning.

Place a screen between yourself and the back of any other computer in your proximity.

Allow as much distance between the computer and yourself as your vision will comfortably allow.

Persistent users of computers should take suitable antioxidant supplements daily to counteract the mild free-radical production that radiation will create.

See Radiation.