Cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement originating in utero, in infancy or in early childhood. Most often the damage to the brain that causes this problem occurs during birth due to a lack of oxygenation or, more rarely, by infections of the brain, seizures or maternal drug abuse during pregnancy.

The extent of the brain damage varies and may be mild or may leave the infant incapacitated, unable to communicate and possibly unaware of his/her surroundings. Uncontrolled movements, aggressive behaviour patterns, blindness, deafness and an inability to speak are some of the more serious problems.

Eastern philosophies consider the birth of an incapacitated child to be part of that individual’s soul karma. We all, at some point in our cosmic cycle, have to go through a period of incapacity and dependency on others. The karma of the parents is also that of a lifetime of servitude to a distressed physical body and mind. I find that it helps to discuss the inevitable trauma that befalls the family of a cerebral palsy victim by discussing matters from a more ethereal and spiritual angle. Very little pleasure can be derived from the necessity of caring for a severely debilitated child but then a connection between two souls is not dependent upon physical or material means, and caring for a soul in a distressed body can be a very loving and enlightening experience. To give is often considered a greater pleasure than to receive, and if one can focus on this, then caring for a cerebral palsy case should be considered a blessing.


Contact a local cerebral palsy group to share with other families your grief, joys and experiences.

See Paralysis and Birth defects.

Ensure that cranial osteopathy or craniosacral therapy is tried for at least six to ten sessions since profound changes in an individual can be seen.

Consult with a nutritionist and a homeopath because correct supplementation and homeopathic medication can be of great benefit, although not curative.