Skin condition characterized by red and intensely itchy hands and feet. It occurs mainly in cold weather. Chilblains develop rapidly during damp cold conditions, such as fog. The skin can swell up, and in severe cases blisters or ulcers can form. It is most common among young people. The cause is an abnormal reaction of the capillaries to cold. Instead of closing, these vessels open. The blood flows too slowly as a result, and this leads to the development of the symptoms. Some doctors give people who regularly suffer from chilblains an injection of vitamin B in the autumn. Others prefer to prescribe a protective cream. In order to prevent the condition as far as possible, the patient can do his best to ensure that his hands and feet do not get too cold. Good gloves and woollen socks can help. It is important to avoid sudden marked temperature variations, therefore one should not go and sit directly in front of a fire after coming in from the cold.

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