Central Heating

In the case of a small house one installation can combine the purposes of central heating, hot-water supply and cooking. In a larger house hot-water supply and cooking should be left to a separate unit, or in the case of a very targe house there should be a separate system for each of the three services.

For a small house where the requirements in hot water are not exceptionally large and where economy in first cost is of paramount importance, the new Sentry Junior is a useful installa-tion. It costs £4. The top can be obtained in grey and white mottled enamel, and the white enamelled side panels can be supplied by the makers for a little extra cost.

The cover plate is very easily detached from the boiler and hot water, it warms the kitchen as well. On chilly days the hot plate can be opened to disclose a cheerful open fire.

The Nautilus is finished in enamel, grey-mottled and white, and has a bright, attractive appearance. It can be kept clean easily.

A boiler and cooker combined is a boon for the small house. The Sunstar Junior fulfils both functions. It takes the place of the old-fashioned kitchen grate and gives perfect service at a fraction of the cost.

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