What Are Ashes Good for In a Garden?

Ashes make good fertilizer. Ashes can deter pests, like slugs and snails. Ashes can help keep weeds down. Ashes are good for the garden soil. Ashes can be used to control plant diseases. Ashes are good for flower beds. Ashes help repel insects and other bugs away from your garden. Ashes can be used as … Read more

Choosing and Using Fertilizers: The Ultimate Guide To Alternative Fertilizers For Homesteaders

green plant sprouting at daytime

Basic Slag A slow-acting phosphatic fertilizer which also supplies lime. It is a steel-industry by-product and must be ground by machinery; the coarser the grinding the slower its action. Slag may remain in the soil for several years. Quality varies, and analysis may show anything from 8 to 22% phosphoric acid. Also the solubility, and … Read more