How To Choose A Greenhouse

how to choose a greenhouse

WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A GREENHOUSE Only you will know how much you can spend, and how large a greenhouse you can accommodate. Attention has already been drawn to the advantages of extendibility and compartments. It may be an advantage to have a structure requiring little maintenance or none at all, depending on … Read more

Greenhouse Construction Materials

Greenhouse Construction Materials

Plastic greenhouses Plastic, one of the most common greenhouse construction materials nowadays is not a substitute for glass. Plastics are by nature very much softer. They can be scratched and abraded much more easily. In some circumstances they may weather badly, particularly on windy sites where there is much wind-blown grit, sand, or dust. Unfortunately, … Read more

Greenhouse Types And The Plants You Can Grow

Greenhouse Types

Greenhouse Types are classified according to the temperatures maintained, as follows: Unheated greenhouse No heating at any time. Cold house Not allowed to fall below freezing. Cool house Minimum about 40 / 45 °F (4/7°C) Warm house Minimum about 55`°F (13°C) Stove house (sometimes Minimum about 65 / 75°F called hothouse) (18/24°C). These classifications are … Read more