Ceramic Tiles Made Simple

Careful planning is the secret of successful tiling. Whether a room is being half tiled or fully tiled to the ceiling, the aim is to leave a neat, balanced effect. Plan to have a full size tile at the top of the wall or in the top course of a half-tiled wall. Narrow pieces of … Read more

How To Work With Ceramic Tiles

Glazed tiles make a good finish in bathrooms or kitchens. They will resist most liquids and the range of patterns and colours is considerable. The most common tiles are about 110 mm square and 4 mm thick. Normal tiles have square edges, but others have one rounded edge for a ledge front or the top … Read more

DIY Quick Tips: Fitting Polystyrene Tiles

Expanded polystyrene tiles, which provide decorative covering for the ceiling, reduce condensation and cut down sound transmission, are suitable for any room in the house. In addition they help reduce heat loss; although a polystyrene tiled ceiling should not normally be regarded as a substitute for loft insulation, it makes a useful barrier in flat-roofed … Read more

Wall Tiling Made Simple

Ceramic tiles make one of the most attractive and hardwearing surfaces that can be found inside our homes today. Their polish remains unaffected by anything except direct physical damage and once applied they really require no upkeep at all They are not cheap, but taking into account the years of wear which one can expect … Read more

How To Lay Floor tiles

Hard floor tiles of all types (e.g. vinyl, cork, ceramic) must be stuck down with the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive, using a notched spreader. The exceptions are types of vinyl tile with peel-off self-adhesive backings which are quick and simple to lay. Planning. Draw a grid of the floor corresponding to the size of tile you … Read more

How To Tile A Worktop

how to tile a worktop

Tiled worktops not only look good — they’re practical too. Easy to fit and in a wide range of designs, tiles can quickly transform a worn work surface into a bright new feature. Tiles might be ideal for walls and floors but they also make a practical and attractive work surface for a kitchen. They’re … Read more

Fixing Tiles To A Wall – Tiling Tips For DIYers

fixing tiles

If you’ve prepared the walls properly, fixing tiles is a straightforward job but take your time to achieve a good finish. Start by spreading adhesive over an area of about one square metre in the corner where the two battens join. Use a notched spreader to get the adhesive reasonably even. Start laying the tiles … Read more

How To Prepare Walls For Tiling

setting out for tiling

The important thing about preparing walls for tiling is that they should be true and flat and that their surface should be good enough for tiles to stick permanently. That means that you will have to strip off any wallpaper, fill any depressions or holes with general purpose interior filler and remove flaking paint. If … Read more