Following Knitting Patterns

Knitting patterns often include instructions for making a design in a choice of three or more sizes. These are body measurements and any necessary allowances for movement have been made by the designer. For an average garment, this is 5 cm (2 inches), although it might be less on a garment intended to be clingy … Read more

Shaping For Knitting

Shaping in knitting is often done by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches in use. Simple increasing This is most easily worked in a knit stitch row, although it may be applied to purling. To make one extra stitch, knit into a stitch on the left-hand needle as usual but do not drop the … Read more

Basic Knitting Patterns

Garter stitch This is the pattern made by working knit stitch into every stitch on every row, Stocking stitch This is one of the most common stitch patterns. Simply work the first and following alternate rows in knit stitch. Work the intervening rows in purl stitch. The right side of the fabric, which faces you … Read more

How To Purl Stitch

This is the other basic stitch used in knitting and, combined with knit stitch, can form innumerable patterns and textures, the most common being stocking stitch. 1 With needle holding stitches in your left hand, insert right-hand needle from right to left into the first stitch on LH needle so that RH needle and yarn … Read more

About Knitting Needles

As well as yarn, you also need needles, usually a pair, in the appropriate size for the yarn. The size of a needle is the metric measurement taken round its shaft. Needles of the same size can vary in length. Choose the needles according to the width of garment being made so that the stitches … Read more

Knitting Your Own Clothes

Despite the innovations of home knitting machines and the availability of inexpensive ready-made knitwear, hand knitting is a popular pastime as well as being a money-saver. Unusual and beautiful yarns are made especially for hand knitting and new designs and instructions are continually produced to meet increasing popular demand. The most popular items to knit … Read more