Carpet Laying Yourself

Laying carpets is a job within the capability of many do-it-yourselfers equipped with the right tools and a certain amount of patience. The most difficult part is tensioning the carpet correctly across the room, and for this reason it is probably best to lay your first carpet in a small room free of too many … Read more

Carpeting a Stairway

Measure the total length of stair carpet required by adding the height of a riser (the upright portion of a step) to the front-to-back width of a tread (the horizontal portion that is trodden on). Multiply by the number of risers and then add the height of one more riser. Now add about half a … Read more

DIY Carpet Laying

Some types of carpet (e.g. some makes of carpet tile) are recommended for do-it-yourself laying. Foam-backed tufted carpets are also fairly simple for the amateur to lay. But unbacked woven carpets (e.g. Axminsters and Wiltons) are difficult to lay, as they need to be stretched by professional techniques. Certain types of cord carpeting (e.g. sisals … Read more

Types Of Carpet

By nature of their composition and construction, designed to produce an appealing soft surface, carpets are more vulnerable to wear than other floor coverings. It is therefore essential to choose a quality suitable for the room or area where the carpet is to be laid. The carpet in the living room, for instance, must withstand … Read more