It should always be remembered that animals and birds which are kept as pets, are (especially if kept in cages) incapable of helping themselves, and, therefore, those responsible for them should be all the more sedulous in attention to them— without, of course, coddling the beasts. Regularity in feeding is essential. Occasionally, we hear of small rabbit-keepers, who find that the necessary care of their pets makes inconvenient inroads on their playtime, consequently they over-feed the animals one day and starve them for several days after. If it is too much trouble to spend a few minutes a day looking after our dumb dependants, we are much better without them.

Their quarters should be kept scrupulously clean, and the larger animals should themselves be given a like attention; cats more or less look after themselves (except long-haired varieties, which should be given an occasional dry shampoo), but dogs should have their bath as regularly as their owners, though—not so frequently.

Delicate and exotic animals should be kept out of cold and draughts, damp should be rigidly excluded from their quarters, and their bedding changed regularly.

Never overfeed an animal— many of them, as rabbits, are exceedingly voracious and quite incapable of knowing when to stop. Be particularly careful to provide water for your pets during the hot weather. Remember that animals love sunlight as much as we do.

Immediately your pet appears to be drooping or off his feed, find out the cause {See First Aid for Animals) and endeavour to correct the trouble, but should you find it beyond your capabilities, call in a veterinary surgeon immediately.