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Callouses, areas of hard, thickened skin on the soles and heels of the feet, can be very uncomfortable and make walking quite painful. They are caused by pressure, perhaps from prolonged walking, walking unevenly or something rubbing in a shoe. No one knows why some people are more prone to callouses than others.

The/re not contagious and can occur in any area subject to rubbing, such as the ball or heel of the foot. Callouses differ from corns in that they have no core, although in both complaints it is friction which produces the area of thickened skin.

The first step in callous relief is to change your shoes. Make sure they fit well and don’t press on the sore parts of your feet. But if your callouses really do cause you discomfort, consult a chiropodist. He or she will probably pare away the hard skin with a scalpel and may recommend a special insole or pad for your shoe or shoes, to relieve any pressure and prevent the callouses recurring.

Some corn paints will soften the hard skin and speed up its removal. It might also help to remove hard skin regularly with a pumice stone and use a good emollient cream to keep your skin soft.

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