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Calamares en su Tinta

Calamares en su Tinta (kah-lah-MAH-rehs on soo TEEN-tah) a famous Spanish dish. The thick black sauce is unusual and delicious.


3 fl. oz. olive oil 3 lb. fresh whole squid, cleaned thoroughly and cut in

½ inch pieces (with the ink sacs reserved)

1 medium-sized onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley

½ teaspoon ground mace

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon black pepper 8 fl. oz. cold water

2 tablespoons flour

In a large saucepan heat the olive oil over moderate heat. Add the squid, onion, garlic and parsley to the pan. Cook for 6

to 7 minutes, stirring constantly with a metal spoon. Add the mace, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat to low, cover the pan and simmer gently for 20 minutes. While the squid is cooking, with a

wooden spoon mash the ink sacs through a strainer set over a bowl to extract the ink. Pour the water over the sacs and mash again. With a wire whisk, beat the flour into the ink-and-water until the sauce is smooth.

Pour the sauce over the squid in the saucepan and increase the heat to high. Bring the sauce to the boil, stirring

constantly. As soon as the boiling point is reached, reduce the heat to very low, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat and leave it, covered, for 5 minutes.

Taste the sauce for seasoning, add more salt and pepper if necessary and serve at once.

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