Buying hedge plants FAQs

Can I buy hedging plants from my local garden centre, or do I have to send away to a mail-order specialist nursery?

You should be able to buy hedging plants from either of these outlets. In both cases it pays to order well in advance of when you intend to plant, so as to make sure that they arrive at the right time and that you get your choice of plant.

Are plants for hedges sold individually or by the metre-run, and what is the best size of plant to buy?

Hedging material is usually sold in batches of 10, 50, or 100 individual plants; the greater the quantity, the lower is the unit cost. Given the length of the proposed hedge and the distance between each plant, the number of plants required can easily be worked out. Box-edging is sold by the metre-run, and 1 m (314 ft) will plant 2-3 m(6 ½ -10 ft) of edging.

As regards size, the larger box-edging plants will obviously achieve the impression of a hedge much more quickly, but they are correspondingly more costly and take longer to establish. The small plants root much more rapidly and are probably stronger in the long term, but they need more protection in the first two years or so. A good average height for the young plants is 450 mm (18 in).

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