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To treat minor burns, just cool the area in ordinary cold tap water – perhaps by keeping it running on the burned tissues for five or ten minutes – and cover it with a clean, dry dressing. You can also soothe the sore area with creams and sprays specially made for burns and scalds. Most contain an antiseptic and some sprays contain mepyramine maleate, an antihistamine, and benzocaine, a local anaesthetic.

Even a minor burn which is bigger than a 5 cm square should be seen by a doctor. Superficial burns may hurt more than serious, deeper ones. This is because a deeper burn may have destroyed the nerve endings, so you can no longer feel the pain. With much larger burns, the damaged – or absent – skin can no longer prevent the body’s water and chemicals from seeping out and evaporating. The subsequent risk of dehydration can be a greater threat than the burn itself.

What’s Available

Acriflex, Burn Aid Cream, Burneze, Drapolene Cream, Medicaid, Solarcaine, Sudocrem, Witch Doctor


Burneze, Acriflex

Herbal Remedies

Combudoron Lotion, Dr Valnet’s Tegarome

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