Breast disorders

The breast is a sensitive organ in which a number of abnormalities may occur, usually after puberty, but generally not after the menopause, because no more sex hormones are produced, although breast cancer occurs more frequently at this age. There are actually only three abnormalities found in the breast. Mastitis (inflammation of the breast) results from small cracks or wounds in the breast caused by suckling a child. Sore breasts and benign tumours (fibroadenoma) occur frequently in young women of childbearing age. Although the condition requires no treatment the woman must establish with certainty that the tumour or cyst is benign. Finally there is the possibility of breast cancer. Greater enlightenment and knowledge of breast tumours have led to more self-examination, so that women consult a doctor sooner when they find a lump in the breast. In the medical world methods of examination and treatment are also much improved. The determination of risk factors has

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