Bacon and Bread Fritters

Lay slices of bacon between slices of bread; press together, and dip them in batter made of egg, milk, and a little flour to thicken. Fry for ten minutes and serve very hot.

Breakfast Cakes

Mix one pound of flour, one ounce of pounded sugar, and a teaspoonful each of baking-powder and salt. Beat two eggs, add three-quarters of a pint of milk, and with this work the flour into a light dough. Divide into small cakes, and bake. Serve hot.

Cheese Toast

Mix one tablespoonful of cornflour with a little milk until smooth. Boil the remainder of a pint of milk with one or two tablespoonfuls of grated cheese until the latter is dissolved. Season with salt and pepper. Pour on to the cornflour, stir, and return to saucepan. Boil for eight or ten minutes, stirring all the time. Serve on hot dry or buttered toast.

Eggs on Haddock

Take a fair-sized Scotch haddock, trim, and cut into four pieces. Put into boiling water and simmer for ten minutes. Place a poached egg on each piece, a little butter, and pepper and salt. Serve very hot.

Eggs on Ham

Butter well a fireproof dish, put a layer of chopped ham or tongue, break sufficient eggs to allow one for each person. Slide them gently on top of the ham without breaking them. Season with pepper and salt and chopped parsley. Serve direct from the dish in which they are cooked.

Ham Cakes

Mince half a pound of cold cooked ham. Scald a thick slice of bread in half a pint of milk, beat to a pulp, and add a well-beaten egg. Stir in the ham, season with pepper and salt and a little chopped parsley. Press the mixture into small greased moulds, cover with buttered paper, and bake for thirty minutes. Turn out, and serve hot on buttered toast.

Meat Mould

Cut any scraps of cold meat in pieces; stow them with a few tablespoonfuls of sago, a little chopped carrot aud parsley; add pepper and salt to season, and a quarter of a teaspoonful of meat extract. Let all simmer gently for two hours. Pour into a mould, and turn out when cold.

Mushrooms on Toast

Place some freshly-made toast nicely divided on a dish, and put a medium-size mushroom, stemmed and peeled, upon each. Add pepper and salt to season. Place a small piece of butter on each, then flour each mushroom. Add a teaspoonful of milk, and one clove for the whole dish. Place an inverted plate or pie-dish over the whole, and bake for twenty minutes. Serve very hot.

Sausage and Mushrooms

Cook some pork sausages after skinning them and moisten with gravy. Spread on slices of fried bread, and cover with a thin layer of boiled mushrooms and a sprinkling of chopped parsley. Make very hot and serve.

Veal and Ham Shape

Mince three-quarters of a pound of veal cutlet, half a pound of cooked lean ham, a quarter of a pound of suet, and a small piece of onion. Soak a roll in water until quite soft, squeeze the water out of it and add it to the other ingredients. Mix all thoroughly together with an egg, well-beaten, put into a well-buttered tin shape and bake in a hot oven for an hour. Turn out, and serve cold with salad.

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