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A loaf of bread can provide three excellent baits for fishing. The inside of a fresh loaf can be used as flake, the crust can be cut into squares and used as chub or carp bait, and an old loaf can be used to make bread paste. For bread flake all you need is a fresh, white, unsliced loaf. Simply break open the loaf and gently squeeze some of the soft inside bread round the shank of the hook so that the fluffy part is around the hook point. The size of the bait and the hook depends on the type of fish you are trying to catch. For chub or car]) you can use a really large wad of flake on a size 4 hook; for roach and dace use a liny piece on a size 16 hook.

Bread crust is probably the most effective chub bail, especially in winter. A loaf a couple of days old is the best to use for crust. If the loaf is too fresh then the crust is very soft; too old and the crust dries out and 8. crumbles when you try to pass the hook through it. To remove a chunk of crust for the hook, insert the point of a knife into the side of the loaf and cut a square with the blade, ‘flu-crust can then be removed with a portion of flake attached to it. If you examine the crust carefully you will notice that it has a grain rather like wood. Pass the hook through our edge of the crust so that it comes out at the flake side. Ensure thai the hook enters the crust at right angles to the grain and not parallel to it. Failure to do this may allow the bait to fly off the hook when casting, lake lhe hook through the crust, under the flake, and penetrate the opposite side of the square with the point. If you then gently hold the crust and pull the line, the crust will curl round and the soft flake will envelop the hook. Fastened this way the hook will be hidden from the fish and the crust will not be shaken off by the clumsiest of casting. The size of hook depends on the size of bait you want to use. A size 8 hook is about right for a piece of crust one inch square (2.5 centimetres square).

Bread paste is made by adding water to stale bread and kneading with the hands. The correct consistency is achieved when the paste is soft enough to mould with the fingers but is not sticky. If you accidentally add too much water then put the paste into a muslin bag and squeeze out the surplus water. Pull off a piece of paste the desired size and mould it round the hook.

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