Boring tools

Besides an assortment of gimlets and bradawls, fairly advanced woodworking will call for a brace to hold the narrow spoon or pin bits needed for making small holes up to ½ inch diameter in hard wood or deep holes in all kinds of wood; centre-bits from ½ inch to 1 I inch across for boring across the grain; and twist-bits with corkscrew-shaped shanks and gimlet tips for large deep holes and boring along the grain. All of these have tapered square heads fitting the brace. The best and most expensive braces have ball-bearing heads, and a reversing ratchet which is useful in corners or other places where the brace cannot be turned round and round.

Boring tools include the countersink, used in the brace to bevel the end of a screw-hole so that the screws head may enter flush with the surface of the wood.

Other tools

The following should be added when possible; a compass saw and a 2adsaw for cutting curves and enlarging openings respectively; a rebating plane, for cutting rebates; a plough for cutting deep grooves along the grain; a router, for clearing away the wood between saw-cuts across the grain when making a groove; a carpenters bevel, for marking off angles;


TOOL OUTFITS mortising gauge with twin points, to mark fittings and removing projecting points of off the two lines for a mortise simul- screws or nails; a drill-stock, to hold twist taneously; and rasps and scrapers for drills for boring small holes in metal; a finishing off surfaces. Small anvil, for hammering on; and a Metal-working tools. Even the wood- liaclcsaio, which is often needed for cutting worker will find a few of these useful at through nails or screws.

Times; files, for smoothing down edges of In conclusion; second-rate tools, especially edge-tools, are of very little bearing a good makers name, should not use to anyone. Since tools, when their be grudged.

Use has been mastered, are an excellent For hints on the use of various tools investment as money-savers, the price see the articles on Joints in Woodwork, asked for a tool of first-rate quality, Planes and Planing, and Saws and Sawing.

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