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Bircher Muesli

Created by Dr. Max Bircher-Benner of Switzerland as a complete meal, Bircher Muesli (beer-ker mews-lee) is a delicious and wholesome fruit and oatmeal dish. Although it was not originally intended as a breakfast food, it is usually served as such today. It may, however, also be served as a dessert. The following recipe is for an apple muesli, which is the best for texture and flavour, but other fruit, such as pineapple, banana or berries, may be substituted if desired. If the muesli is being served as a dessert, the following recipe will make

2 servings.


1 tablespoon oatmeal, soaked overnight in

2 tablespoons of milk juice of

1 lemon juice of

1 orange

1 large tart apple

1 tablespoon honey U- tablespoons double cream

1 tablespoon chopped nuts

1 tablespoon raisins

Put the soaked oatmeal in a small serving bowl. Mix in the lemon juice and the orange juice. Grate the whole apple, including the peel and core, into the bowl. Mix it quickly into the juice to prevent the apple from discolouring. Stir in the honey and cream. Sprinkle the top with the nuts and raisins and serve.

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