Beginning School

School. In England, children may be admitted to an elementary Bchool at the age of three if there is room. Some private schools admit children even younger. From the childs fifth birthday onwards to the end of the school term in which the fourteenth birthday occurs parents are under a legal obligation to show that the child is receiving efficient elementary education. This may be given either in a school or at home.

Perhaps the most valuable education the school affords is the social education. Children there mix with other childron of different types and characters; they learn to live together, work together, play together. In this way they perhaps learn more from each other than from .their teachers. A child who is brought up alone, or even in a very small school is deprived of a very important element in his education, and his development is apt to be more or less stunted and one-sided.

From the first day of school to the last, school should be regarded as a full-time job for a child. It makes heavy demands upon all his powers, and is indeed a working day of no inconsiderable length – rarely less than five hours, to which must be added the time spent getting to and from school. In addition, all school work demands a concentration of mind far more intense than many adult jobs.