Bed-head Clamp for Electric Lamp

Plane up a piece of wood 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and -J-inch thick. Round off the four corners, and divide it into two parts by sawing it squarely through along a line 5 inches from one end. The longer piece forms the front, which will be turned towards the bed; the shorter, the back.

Clamp the two pieces together with their square ends in the same plane, and fit them with a pair of small brass butt hinges, screwed on flat. Bore a f-inch diameter hole through both parts on the centre line, 24 inches from the hinge end in the front, and 2 inches away in the back part. Separate the parts bj un-screwing one side of each hinge.

Procure a -fa-inch cup-headed bolt with square neck under the head, 21 inches long, and a washer and butterfly nut to fit it. File away the head on two sides down to the neck. Sink a rectangular slot in the back across the bored hole, deep enough for the head to enter flush; and slope the holes outwards towards the inside sufficiently to allow the bolt to swing upwards and downwards as the clamp is opened or shut-Across the inner face of each piece make a pencil mark 3$ inches from hinge end; and draw parallel marks inch away on either side of this. Along the centre mark sink a saw-cut inch deep, and make sloping cuts to the bottom of this from the other two marks, to form a triangular notch.

The holder for the lamp is screwed to the face of the front, near the top, after a hole for the twin flex has been bored. Assemble the parts, and test the clamp on the frame of the bed-head, which is assumed to be of metal tubing.

If desired, the notches may be enlarged with a gouge to fit the tube, and be lined with leather or cloth to prevent scratching.

Loosening the screw allows the clamp to be adjusted to throw the light down at any required angle.

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