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Baby, premature

Child born between the 28th and 38th weeks of pregnancy. The earlier the child is born, the more striking the outward signs of premature birth will be. The skin is thin and red, and there is little subcutaneous fat, but skin lubricant and hair are present in large quantities. The skull is large in relation to the body, the fontanels are large, and there is a tendency to swelling (oedema) of hands and feet. Boys’ testicles have not usually descended, and girls’ labia minora have not yet been covered by the labia majora. The child cries feebly and complainingly. All organs are immature, and not completely ready for independent function. There may be respiratory disorders (hyaline membrane disease), waste products are not excreted properly by the kidneys, jaundice and haemorrhage are caused by the immature liver, and convulsions resulting from cerebral haemorrhage or blood-sugar deficiency (hypoglycaemia) can endanger life. Complications can result from brain damage caused by jaundice, anaemia and infections.

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