What Are Ashes Good for In a Garden?

Ashes make good fertilizer. Ashes can deter pests, like slugs and snails. Ashes can help keep weeds down. Ashes are good for the garden soil. Ashes can be used to control plant diseases. Ashes are good for flower beds. Ashes help repel insects and other bugs away from your garden. Ashes can be used as … Read more

Can You Spray Tomato Plants with Vinegar?

You can spray tomato plants with vinegar (diluted: see bleow) to combat pests by combining vinegar with other pest control methods. Because vinegar kills, or has the potential to kill, all plant matter it comes in contact with, you must dilute it in order to use it as a spray. We recommend mixing one gallon … Read more

Self Sufficiency – The Basics Explained

self sufficient living

Self-sufficient describes a person who is able to provide for themselves without dependence on others. Self-sufficient describes a person who is able to provide for themselves without dependence on others. Self-sufficiency is a lifestyle that is becoming more common. It can be achieved in many areas of your life, including food, healthcare and finance. Even … Read more

Treating Woodworm With Vinegar: A Step By Step Guide

Vinegar is a natural and effective solution for treating woodworm. It also helps prevent woodworm from infesting timber structures. People have been treating woodworm with vinegar effectively for centuries. If you have a wooden structure that’s infested with woodworm, it can be treated using vinegar. This organic treatment method is both inexpensive and non-toxic. It … Read more

The Quick Guide to Long Term Food Storage

Why is LTFS Important? Long Term Food Storage (LTFS) is the practice of storing food in a manner that it lasts for months or years. This can be done by either canning, dehydrating or freezing the food. A lot of people are starting to use LTFS because they are afraid of the United States getting … Read more

How SAAS Companies Can Apply Dan Kennedy’s Direct Response Marketing Strategies

Dan Kennedy’s Definition of Marketing Dan Kennedy is one of the most well-known American copywriters. He has written about marketing for more than 3 decades. He is the author of six books on copywriting, direct response marketing and also an international speaker. He says that marketing is “the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers’ … Read more