How To Paint Wood – Filling Cracks and Sanding Down Wood

filling cracks in wood

Dents, cracks and chips must be filled or they will show through the new paint. But before you reach for the filling knife, it’s worth taking a moment just to check the problem. Sometimes, blemishes in the paint coat can indicate a fault in the underlying woodwork. Two things to watch out for are cracks … Read more

How To Strip Paint – Gloss Painting Preparation Tips

how to strip paint shave-hook

If you’ve decided that the old paint is in such bad condition that the only solution is to strip it and start again, you are faced with a choice of methods. Choosing the right one can save you time, effort and money. There are three options — physical removal, chemical strip-ping and heat. Physical removal … Read more


preparing the surface

This breaks down into two areas — preparing the room and preparing the surface. Preparing the room consists of ensuring a clean, dry dust-free environment, and protecting the furnishings from splashes of paint. Preparing the surface is what gives the finishing coats their smooth base. Start by giving yourself room to work. Move all the … Read more

Gloss Painting

gloss painting

There are no secrets to getting a good paint finish — just patience, care and attention to detail. Get this right and you’ll be rewarded with paintwork that’s almost as good as a car’s and will give tough protection for years. It’s an old but nonetheless true saying that successful painting is very little about … Read more