How To Fit A Starter For A Fluorescent Light

How To Fit A Starter For A Fluorescent Light

FITTING A NEW STARTER A fluorescent light should operate without trouble for thousands of hours. And after it’s been working normally, it’s very unlikely that it will suddenly fail completely to come on. If a fault does occur, look at the tube, because the way this reacts will point you to where the problem lies. … Read more

How To Fit Wall Lights

How To Fit Wall Lights

FITTING WALL LIGHTS Wall lights give you the chance to use your flair and imagination to create interesting lighting effects in every room. Lighting is just as much a part of interior decoration as wallpaper, wall colours, furnishing and furniture. Ordinary ceiling mounted lights are a convenient way of illuminating rooms but there’s usually less … Read more

Central Heating Boiler And Pump Problems

central heating boiler problems

BOILER AND PUMP FAULTS A faulty circulation pump may result in cold radiators, over heating or excessive noise. 1. You can tell if a pump is running by switching the programmer to ‘constant’ and holding a screwdriver to it, like a stethoscope: if you hear a noise, suspect some other fault — like an airlock; … Read more

Commissioning A Central Heating System

central heating control system

Commissioning a central heating system simply means getting the system working for the first time, and naturally you’ll be keen to feel your heating working. But don’t let that prevent you from taking care over this important final stage. The first step in commissioning is to fill the system so that you can check for … Read more

How To Use Microbore Pipe For Central Heating

how to use microbore pipe

WORKING WITH MICROBORE PIPE Flexible microbore pipe can be easier to work with than conventional rigid copper tube. But only if you know how to handle it. To cut it, use a junior hacksaw. Ream out the inside carefully — you cannot afford to make the diameter any smaller than it already is. It is … Read more

Installing A Central Heating Control System

central heating control system

HEATING CONTROL SYSTEM AND WIRING Central Heating Control systems can get complicated — the easiest way to deal with them is to buy a packaged system, and follow the instructions. Even the simple system of programmer and ram thermostat described here can involve fairly complicated wiring runs, with many joints. The packaged systems usually come … Read more

How To Connect Up Radiators

connecting radiators

CONNECTING UP RADIATORS Though technically one of the easier jobs of DIY central heating installation — if you have done any plumbing previously — connecting the radiators to the boiler involves a great amount of upheaval in every room in the house. Plan the order in which you fix the pipework to the radiators so … Read more

How To Install A Central Heating Cylinder

how to install a central heating cylinder

INSTALLING A CYLINDER You will almost certainly want to install a new hot water cylinder along with your central heating system. For one thing. You will need one with an indirect heating element in it, and if you don’t have central heating at present, your current water cylinder is likely to be of the direct … Read more

How To Fit A Central Heating Pump

central heating pump

FITTING THE PUMP Either your first or second section of radiator pipework — the pipes that run from the boiler to the radiators — will take you up to the position of the pump specified on your plans. Fitting this requires some care. Pumps come with two fittings, one for each end. These are different … Read more

How To Install Cisterns – DIY Central Heating Tips

central heating cistern

INSTALLING CISTERNS Most modern cisterns are made of plastic and must be supported on a sturdy, continuous surface, such as chipboard or floorboards laid close together. If you want to raise the height of a cistern, make sure that the platform you build is also sturdy, especially for a cold water cistern which is large … Read more

How To Soundproof Floors And Ceilings

how to soundproof floors and ceilings

SOUNDPROOFING FLOORS AND CEILINGS Noise transmitted by ceilings and floors could be either airborne or impact noise. Soundabsorbent tiles will not prevent either coming through the ceiling. As they merely absorb noise created in the room itself. Soft furnishings and thick carpets do a lot to reduce the noise problem. Sound passes easily through suspended … Read more

Tips For Stopping Draughts In The House

tips for stopping draughts

SIMPLE DRAUGHT CURES If you don’t have the time to get down to draught proofing your house, there are still a few simple steps you can take to try to minimise heat loss. Heavy curtains which have been cut to provide ample overlap will act as an efficient thermal barrier to both heat losses via … Read more

How To Seal Draughty Doors

how to seal draughty doors

SEALING DOORS For the tops and sides of doors, follow the same procedures as for windows. Again, the better the quality of the sealant strip, the longer lasting and neater in appearance it will be. But with doors, the biggest draught problem is usually created by a gap at the bottom. A speedy, but only … Read more

How To Seal Windows From Draughts

How To Seal Windows From Draughts

SEALING WINDOWS Draught proofing strips will solve most draught problems with opening casement windows and often with doors, too (sash windows need slightly more treatment — see below). But how long your draughtproofing will last depends on the quality of the materials you use. At the cheapest end of the scale are proprietary draught proofing … Read more

How To Trace Where A Draught Is Coming From

tracing the source of a draught

DEALING WITH DRAUGHTS There’s no point in spending money heating your home if cold draughts are cooling it down again. So stop up all the areas draughts can enter — you’ll save money and make your house a more comfortable place to live in at the same time. TRACING DRAUGHTS Good ventilation is essential in … Read more

How To Insulate A Loft – Loft Insulation Tips

how to insulate a loft

INSULATING THE LOFT The job of laying loft insulation is not a difficult one and it provides very worthwhile savings in fuel costs. Preparation Apart from clearing the loft of anything you have stored there, little preparation work is necessary. However, this is the time to tackle repairs you’ve been putting off — closing any … Read more

Replacing A WC Connection – Fixing A Leaking Lavatory Joint

replacing a wc connection

A leaking lavatory joint between a lavatory pan and its soil pipe should be attended to immediately —even if you can only carry out a temporary repair. As an emergency measure, clean and dry the area thoroughly and wrap it tightly with heavy duty sealing bandage such as Sylglas. This should be viewed as a temporary … Read more

How To Lay Hardwood flooring

how to lay a hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is firm underfoot, good looking and hard wearing. What’s more, it costs less than a quality fitted carpet, and actually improves with age. Ordinary sanded and sealed floorboards are effective in a simple scheme of decoration — in a playroom or a bedroom with pine fur- nishings for instance. But if you want … Read more

How To Tile A Worktop

how to tile a worktop

Tiled worktops not only look good — they’re practical too. Easy to fit and in a wide range of designs, tiles can quickly transform a worn work surface into a bright new feature. Tiles might be ideal for walls and floors but they also make a practical and attractive work surface for a kitchen. They’re … Read more

Fixing Tiles To A Wall – Tiling Tips For DIYers

fixing tiles

If you’ve prepared the walls properly, fixing tiles is a straightforward job but take your time to achieve a good finish. Start by spreading adhesive over an area of about one square metre in the corner where the two battens join. Use a notched spreader to get the adhesive reasonably even. Start laying the tiles … Read more

How To Prepare Walls For Tiling

setting out for tiling

The important thing about preparing walls for tiling is that they should be true and flat and that their surface should be good enough for tiles to stick permanently. That means that you will have to strip off any wallpaper, fill any depressions or holes with general purpose interior filler and remove flaking paint. If … Read more

How To Wallpaper – Wallpapering Preparation

how to hang wallpaper

How To Choose Wallpaper – Type and Qauntity The first, and often the most difficult thing in wallpapering preparation problem is choosing the paper! But before you do anything else, you must estimate the number of rolls you will need. If anything it is better to over estimate — retailers will accept back an unused … Read more

Gloss Painting Doors And Windows

gloss painting windows and doors

Different areas have their own special problems which you can easily overcome by modifying your basic painting technique and making use of one or two tricks. Painting up to an edge This is something which you have to do on lots of occasions — ranging from finishing off along a skirting board to painting around … Read more