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Au Rouge

A French culinary term, au rouge (oh rooj) is applied to a dish served with or finished in a red sauce.

Australian Wines

Australia is a comparative newcomer to the world of wine. The first vine was planted in 1788, but not until the early nineteenth century was there any success in wine production. Now Australia ex-ports wines in bulk, chiefly to Britain.

These consist mainly of light table wines and dessert-type wines which are fortified with spirits. The southeast of Australia falls within the temperate zone and so is naturally endowed with good vineyard conditions. Australian wines are generally robust and full in flavour. The Hunter River area, in New South Wales, has the vineyards which provide the best

Australian table wines, while the Murray River area, extending through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, is where the grapes for the finer fortified wines are grown. The Barossa Valley, where the annual wine festival is held, is one of the most famous growing areas.

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