The following hints will help the young housewife to ask for meat and offal to suit what she has in mind for a meal.

Pies and Puddings Beef. Aitchbone, buttock, chuck, brisket, thick flank, leg and kidney. Veal. Shoulder, fillet, pie pieces. Mutton and lamb. Leg and shoulder. Pork. Hind or spare rib.

Stewing Cuts

Beef. Buttock, steak, kidney, thick flank, chuck, shin beef, ox tail, thin brisket, clod. Veal. Neck, fillet, breast, shoulder, knuckle, head, sweetbread. Mutton and lamb. Knuckle, head, breast, scrag, middle neck, trotters, sweetbread. Pork. Feet, chops.

Roasting Beef. Sirloin, wing rib, rump, ribs, middle cut, topside, silverside.

Thick flank. Veal. Loin, fillet, heart, shoulder, breast. Mutton and lamb. Best end of neck, leg, shoulder, breast. Pork. Loin, leg.

Grilling or Frying Beef. Rump steak. Veal. Cutlets, chops, loin.

Mutton and lamb. Chops (loin or chump), cutlets. Pork. Chops.

Boiling Beef. Brisket, silverside. Veal. Leg, loin (boned and rolled). Mutton and lamb. Leg, whole neck or middle neck, breast (boned and rolled). Pork. I do not recommend it for boiling.


Beef. Cuts as for boiling.

Veal. Fillet.

Mutton and lamb. Cutlets, chops.

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