Arbutus andrachnoides (syn. Hybrida) (andrachnae x unedo)is a small evergreen tree, grown mainly for the glorious cinnamon-red shaggy bark on trunk and branches. Racemes of parchment-coloured, pitcher-shaped flowers appear on the ends of twigs in the late autumn or winter. It is a hybrid between the Grecian and Killarney strawberry trees.

The Killarney strawberry tree, A. unedo, is a handsome small tree, gnarled with age; this species produces white or pale pink flowers, together with the hanging strawberry-like red and yellow fruits in the autumn of the year. It is a native of the Mediterranean and south and west Ireland. Its variety rubra has deeper pink flowers and a compact habit.

Both the above-mentioned strawberry trees are remarkably successful in chalky or limy soils.

Arbutus andrachnoides