When most of us consider radiation we think of medical investigations like X-rays and those ‘our government would never let us take a risk’ stories about leakages from nuclear power stations. These situations are very true to life and I, personally, have no faith either in the medical technological industry or the governments advising us of safe levels. We are also constantly exposed to radiation by:

The sun – and the diminished protective ozone layer.

Air travel – being closer to the sun increases our exposure to X-rays.

Microwaves and car phones – leak emissions and these appliances emit low-level microwaves that have been shown to affect our DNA (genetic material). Asthma, neurological symptoms and skin problems have all been reported and much more serious diseases may be being triggered by the DNA effect.

Computers and visual display units (VDUs) -these create minor symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and skin and eye problems but also have been shown, conclusively, to increase the risk of miscarrying and may even create birth malformations.

Pulsed and static fields – created by our everyday appliances and the wiring within houses, thus changing the electrical and magnetic fields within our environment. These emissions may have the same effect as electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic waves (EMR) from power lines – strong correlation with leukaemia. (Televisions emit EMR.)

Radioactive material – this is being dumped into our rivers from hospital waste, especially as radioactive iodine.

Ultrasound radiation – considered absolutely safe until we found that scans in pregnancy more frequent than 11 within the gestation period created small-for-dates babies. Does that make ten scans safe?

Not all radiations are necessarily bad and the body is very capable of dealing with exposure most of the time. Indeed, radiation keeps us alive. Without sunlight we would not exist. The ethereal energy that we term vital force or Qi is also radiation. Used correctly it may block the harmful effects of the ‘man-made’ energies. I wonder if our attempts and dabblings in the realms of physics are some deep or subconscious attempt to attain a better understanding of the vital force energy that we understand and utilize so little? Radiation is being used to ‘purify’ our food and in the process of killing the unwanted bacteria is, hypothetically, altering the natural energy within molecules. Food has an energy and the way it is prepared is vital to the availability of this life force. Radiation acts at the core level of an atom and must be having some effect, surely.

However the radiation gets into the system, the areas that it is most likely to damage are the chromosomes (affecting processes such as cancer) the nervous system and the more delicate organs such as the back of the eye (retina). Investigations such as X-rays and radiotherapy are meant to target certain areas of the body. The accuracy is now marked, especially with computerization, but what the orthodox world seems to overlook is the blood in the area when the X-ray exposure is conducted. The blood cells become irradiated and ‘carry’ radiation to other areas of the body. This is partially why even pinpoint radio therapy may create radiation sickness and feelings of tiredness and malaise.

This is an incredibly difficult and sensitive subject. We need some very clear studies and a move away from the greed culture that promotes money-making above the potential for health damage. I do not see this happening in my lifetime. We receive the same assurances that the scientists gave in the 1950s when using radiation to perform tonsillectomies and allowing our soldiers to stand a few unprotected miles away from atomic bomb experiments. We did not know the damage we were causing then and, giving the authorities the benefit of the doubt, perhaps we do not know the dangers now. We need to heed the warnings that many trials are showing that any radiation may be harmful.

It is not easy to avoid radiation in the Western or Westernized environments that are spreading throughout the entire planet, but both small measures and major lifestyle changes may be possible for all of us and the options need to be considered.


Keep household electrical appliances to a minimum.

Avoid sitting within ten feet of a television. This is extremely important in the case of children. Furniture should be situated away from any electrical source wherever possible.

Avoid microwave emissions by limiting or avoiding the use of microwaves, and mobile phones should be used hands-free wherever possible. The proximity to the brain may be detrimental.

Use protective screens with VDUs and computers, remembering that emissions from the side and from behind are often greater than from the screen. Pregnant women should be even more wary.

Avoid keeping electrical appliances in the bedroom as you may spend one third of your life there.

It is possible to have the electrical fields in your home measured. You may hire or buy a magnetometer and, apparently, your local power company may offer to come out and test. They won’t do this at night but a daytime reading is attainable. The difficulty is believing the current guidelines on safety levels, but if your environment is overcharged, take action to reduce it.

It is not ridiculous to avoid or refuse housing near ‘risk’ sites. Nuclear power stations and electricity substations may make a profound difference to your health, and especially those of your children, and one must never counteract health with convenience. Pay attention to overhead power lines and move away from them if possible. More difficult to assess is the possibility of power lines under the house, but your local electricity company should be able to tell you.

Diviners, with their now very sophisticated instruments, and practitioners of radionics, who often use pendulums to assess radiation fields, may be able to isolate areas within the house that are energetically incorrect. Beds, and once again, especially our children’s beds, should not be close to these areas.

If radiation is unavoidable within the home environment, powerful magnets placed around the areas that are liable to be injurious may create a specific field that will block other radiation. The question is: might these be harmful; at this stage I can find no evidence either way. We watch and wait for further evaluation.

Radiation may have an effect on the body by producing free radicals and daily use of antioxidants can only be beneficial. See Free radicals for treatment values and reduce these by half for a daily supplemental dosage. Increase your intake of natural organic fruit and vegetables. ‘ A dose of the homeopathic remedy X-ray 200 every three months may protect and should be considered by any frequent flyer on a monthly basis.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, consider the possibility that the vital force or Qi is the most potent form of radiation, although little understood. Meditation techniques and active Qi control through Qi Gong, Tai Chi and yoga are principally the best defences we have. Daily use, especially in those who are confronted by radiation professionally, is essential.