Lumps and bumps come and go and those that persist need a diagnosis because rarely they may turn out to be something nasty.

Most lumps are completely innocent, being formed by trauma, which can cause cysts or scar tissue, or hormonally related such as breast lumps, which could be encouraged by oestrogen or progesterone production.

Putting it simply, there are three different body types, just as there are 12 astrological signs. Lumps and bumps are a tendency to be too retentive, suggesting some form of lifestyle inbalance. Frequent formation of lumps and bumps tends to suggest that a consultation with a complementary practitioner to review lifestyle, diet and exercise would be beneficial.


Any lump that arises anywhere without cause, or a lump that persists despite a known causative event, should be seen by a doctor.

Consider ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) before radiological investigation (X-rays), but do not shy away from investigations.

Surgical lumpectomies should be a last resort but, again, not ignored as an option of diagnosis especially if the lump is associated with the breasts or genitalia.