The term haemorrhage is generally reserved for a serious bleed and not the inevitable scratches and cuts obtained in the garden and kitchen.

Haemorrhages that occur through trauma may be external or internal, the latter being more serious as symptoms may not appear immediately. A fractured femur (thigh bone) can cause severe blood loss and yet show no signs of swelling because of the powerful sheath around the leg muscles. A ruptured spleen or liver can bleed into the abdominal cavity which will be painful if the patient is conscious but may not show if the patient is not.


Any trauma or injury, especially of the head, must be reviewed by a doctor to rule out the possibility of internal bleeding.

External bleeding should have firm compression over the area that is bleeding. Do not tie a ligature around a limb unless compression is not preventing the bleeding or an amputation has occurred. Even then ensure that the ligature is loosened every 15min to allow profusion of the tissues above the serious injury. Send someone for or obtain medical assistance as soon as possible.

Homeopathic remedies Arnica 6 and Phosphorus 6 should be alternated every lOmin until medical advice is obtained.