Sound is an energy. The human body is made up of energies and therefore sound affects the body. This principle has been known for thousands of years and its health-promoting aspects have been harnessed through the use of singing, chanting and making music from instruments. Sound is our principal method of communicating and expressing, and works directly upon the nervous system which branches into every part of the body.

Sound is used through chanting to create vibration within the main chakras or energy centres in the body, but can also be used in conjunction with movement, as in dance therapy. The theory is that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, including human beings. There is a natural resonance or frequency of vibration for each part of the body, and certain sound waves directed towards specific areas can affect the frequency of these vibrations and thereby restore the energy balance.

Many different practitioners will use music and chanting as part of their therapy, and even doctors’ waiting rooms may play music as part of the holistic approach . Sound therapy may involve the voice, music or a variety of tonal sounds, and sometimes all three combined. Sound therapy may utilize special machines that transmit ‘healing vibrations’. A special chair known as the acoustic chair has been developed and is undergoing trials for a variety of conditions. Sound can be used in any condition as an adjunct to other therapies or in the form of chanting, as part of daily life and for maintaining health. It is an effective therapy for use with the mentally and physically disabled of all ages.