There is a variety of different chemical compounds that can be used to put people to sleep. There is no ‘safe’ sleeping pill because any of them in excess can cause brain damage or death. From a more holistic point of view sleeping pills are a quick solution for a deep biological imbalance.

Sleeping pills generally work by telling the brain and nervous system that it should be asleep. This overrides the body’s natural chemicals that are being produced to keep you awake for some underlying reason or taking the place of the body’s natural ‘sleepy’ chemicals. In both cases sleeping pills work against the body’s natural processes and are, therefore, generally contra-indicated.

If you use sleeping pills for any length of time the underlying cause of the sleeplessness will become more deeply buried and harder to deal with and the body will quickly become quite dependent and take more time to reproduce its own sleeping chemical. As these pills do not stop the production of the compounds that keep us awake, the brain is subjected to both stimulus and suppression at the same time, making the sleep shallow and unrefreshing at a deeper level.

Sleeping pills should only be used under the supervision of a medically qualified and holistic-thinking practitioner. They can be used for up to three nights to break sleep patterns on rare occasions without too much risk of longer term problems.