Gentle pressure applied to the feet and hands may give vital information about the underlying areas of weakness from an energetic point of view. Training is academically quite simple but experience is what counts. There may be very subtle differences in the texture of the tissue where the energy point lies and a lump or pain is not necessarily reflective of weakness in the system or organ.


Overcome any concept of shyness before you enter a complementary medical practitioner’s rooms. Physical examination will include pulse-taking and pushing on acupuncture points throughout the body.

A complementary medical examination, whilst it may be informal, should never be invasive. Any internal examination or examination of the breasts, anus or genitals should only be performed with a member of the same sex chaperoning the practitioner and present throughout the entire examination. > If a practitioner uses the pulse technique ask for their findings and discuss them on the basis of their spiritual, psychological and physical meaning.